What can I expect?

You’ve done your research. You’ve talked it over with your partner. You’ve decided that you’re ready for permanent birth control because your family is complete. Now, you want to know what to expect before, during and after the Essure procedure.


Once you determine that you want to get the Essure procedure, talk to your Doctor about Essure. At your consultation, your doctor will talk to you about the procedure, answer your questions and help determine if Essure is right for you.


During the procedure, your doctor will slide small, soft inserts through the natural pathways of your vagina and cervix into your fallopian tubes. No incisions are necessary, and this process typically takes less than 10 minutes. The inserts are designed to allow your doctor to see immediately that they have been properly placed. Anesthesia is not required for the procedure, although some doctors may offer it. Some women report mild discomfort or cramping during or after the procedure that is similar to a normal monthly cycle. Most women go home within 45 minutes of having the Essure procedure, and return to normal activities in less than a day.

During the procedure


Over the next three months, your body works with the Essure inserts to form a natural barrier within your fallopian tubes. These barriers prevent sperm from reaching the eggs so that pregnancy cannot occur. During this time, you and your partner will need to continue to use another form of birth control.

After the procedure

Three months after your procedure, it’s time to go for your Essure Confirmation Test. During this simple test, a special dye is introduced into your uterus and viewed on an x-ray. Once the doctor confirms that your fallopian tubes are completely blocked and the inserts are in place, you can rely on Essure for permanent birth control.

You will continue to have a regular menstrual period, but some women who have had the Essure procedure find that their period changes afterward, becoming slightly lighter or heavier. These changes may be due to discontinuing hormone-based birth control, such as the Pill, and returning to your normal cycle. Your ovaries will continue to release eggs, but they will be absorbed through your body’s normal process.

That’s it! Now you can focus on yourself, your family and the life you have created, with the confidence that you are protected from unplanned pregnancy.

*Based on five years of clinical data.


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